Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sissy Training: pee pee drinking

One thing about being a sissy is that it demands a lot training, I don't mean just aerobics and pilates, which is important if you want to scuplt that perfect feminine body but also sex training, which can include deep throathing and anal streching, I believe what seperates the real sluts from the girlz is the size of cock you can slide down your throat and take up your ass.

A good sissy should not have any gag reflex, being able to slip down a 12 inch cock down your throat with a smile and a wink will make you very popular with the boyz, believe me.

But imagine after swallowing a couple of loads of hot cum, a couple boyz offer to help you wash it all down by pissing down your throat with beautiful yellowish streams of piss but instead of drinking it all up with a smile you start gagging it all over the floor, I would be soooo embarrassed especially about wasting such sweetness.

Those that have experiences with watersports know that color of piss determines how easily drinkable it is, some can only drink very clear piss, type of pee you get after drinking a couple liters of water, usually it lacks taste.
Very yellowish pee makes most sluts gag, it's kind of natural reaction.

But being a sissy, an very slutty one, if a boy or a girl offers to piss down my throat, how can I refuse such a treat and I want to make sure I swallow every drop and look sexxxy doing it.

So too help me suppress my gag reflex during piss drinking sessions, I try to drink a tall glass of my pee every other day.

This helps me remove the gag effect when drinking down the most yellowish urine and also I have to mention I just love the taste of hot piss.

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